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New Version of Promo Scenery

03 Jun 2016

NEW SaaS (Promo-Scenery©)


With Promo-Scenery©·, our new SaaS service, the whole cycle of promotional activities is available on your fingertips, almost real time, in impeccable quality.


In fact, 3 channels, can be selected to view promotion activities separately or simultaneously:

  1. In store
  2. Leaflet and 
  3. Social Media (including Advertising)

Promotion collection can be reviewed with a Google type search machine in any given period of time by:

  1. Brand
  2. Category
  3. Store (POS)
  4. Supplier
  5. Type of promotion**.

There are two novelties in this service one regarding product categories search and the other regarding leaflet.

  1. In the above mentioned framework, promotions search, can be screened in many ways:
  1. By partition of data into big Categories (called Forecast Categories).
  2. By Customer products’ Category Structure that can be as detailed as he pleases. (Customer structures –perhaps more than one- can be loaded easily into the promo-scenery data base using excel files).
  3. By complementary to a Customer Category set of promos, in a way that he can see competition’s new products in the market, etc.
  4. By creating “tags”, in other words groups of products not necessarily related between them any classical category sense and query the data base in order to plan future bundles, seasonal promotions events etc.

     B. Another surprising feature of the service is that leaflet products not only are bearing their pictures but can also be identified and processed by their barcodes available for every product in the leaflet.


Managing of structures, objects, promotions, tags etc., are extremely simple and user friendly.


Any promotions selection can downloaded in Excel or Adobe file format to PC or mobile devices for further data analysis. 


Promo-Scenery© is an amazing product, unique in the Greek market with a makes senseprice tag.


  • Promo-Scenery© is a trade mark of Forecast Pricing Ltd.

      ** Promotions are codified by ‘Forecast Pricing’ in a system of 88 (so far) types of promos.