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    Retailing Research Solutions is an independent Market Digital Collections company.
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    Market monitoring enables smart decisions.
  • Retailing Research Solutions - Mobile Business Apps
    We have established market pricing research standards and designed Proprietary Oracle Databases Software.

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           Field and Digital Data Collections for Retailing, including Audits
          Data Analysis and Modelling for Pricing, Consumer Analytics and Social Media




Pricing (prices/promos) data collection is one of the first steps in building a sound pricing system for Retailers that will be able to monitor the market, to incorporate business pricing rules, and to perform price optimization. 2RS has developed the last 20 years a proprietary suit of tools (including e-shops) and has established an excellent record on pricing research and consulting, in Greece and the BalkansĀ· this alone making her the undisputable leader of pricing research and consulting.

Merchandizing Technologyi

Merchandizing Technology

We use product image processing to monitor planogram compliance and to extract planograms from existing self pictures. Based on factual data (images), we extract indexes, like Facings, Placement, Block Designs, Space Allocations, and Special Events,  for a large number of POS, within hours. Additional indexes such as share of a brand in a category, Private Label, etc,  can be measured depending upon the availability of category product images in our data base.

Market Research+i

Market Research+

Market Research activities in 2RS relate to most of quantitative research methods and to Mystery Shopping. Besides a well trained and experienced field force present in most of the Greek cities, our competitive edge rests on employing sophisticated analytical techniques of multivariate statistics such as Cluster analysis, Factor analysis and conjoint measurement to mention few of them, giving additional value.

Consumer Analytics i

Consumer Analytics

Consumer Analytics works, relates to the Consumer data analysis, data mostly recorded on TLOGs data, royal card schemes and social media measurements. 2RS is working closely (one customer in each segment of the market in Greece) with our clients, basing her work in cooperation and support from Knowledge Software Systems (KSS), a Dunnhumby company, using data and science to help retailers and brands delight customers and earn their loyalty.

Social Media Listening for Retailingi

Social Media Listening for Retailing

As the interest of the general public in stores, brands, offers etc grows together with the social media sites, so does the importance of a Social Media stragery for Retailers. 2RS is measuring social media metrics such as Fan growth, engagement rate, response rate and time of the retailer site but also on listening reactions, share ability and interactions in the general social media space in Greek lingo.

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